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Today: Sunday, July 23, 2017 |
Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has dismissed the recentstatement issued by the White House on the release of USprisoners in Iran, describing it as an example of interference in the Islamic Republic’s internal affairs.
A regular meeting of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was held in the Austrian capital of Vienna, with representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the P5+1 in attendance.
Qassemi has dismissed the biased reports that claimed Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had been ordered to meet his US counterpart in his recent visit to New York.
Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi said Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal in contrast to the US lack of commitment, gives Tehran an upper hand in the international scene.
Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs, Seyyed Abbas Araqchi, has held talks with the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya Amano, in the Austrian capital, Vienna, on the current relations and cooperation between the two sides.
Iranian foreign ministry has summoned the Kuwaiti chargé daffaires to protest against the baseless allegations raised by the Arab country against the Islamic Republic.
Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari on Thursday met with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the Arab countrys capital.
the US State Department’s recent ‘country reports on terrorism’ in which the Islamic Republic has been introduced as a state sponsor of terrorism.
Arab and African AffairsHossein Jaberi Ansari has sat for talks with leaders of the Damascus-based Alliance of Palestinian Forces on the latest regional developments, particularly the issue of Palestine.
Paleontologists from China and Iran have found tracks of two-toed carnivorous dinosaurs in the Alborz Mountains in Iran.
A partial ceasefire in southwestern Syria agreed between the US and Russia should be expanded to all of Syria if it is to be successful, Irans foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday.
Tehran (AFP) - French energy giant Total will finally sign its multi-billion-dollar agreement to develop an Iranian offshore gas field on Monday, the oil ministry said, in the biggest foreign deal since sanctions were eased last year.
中国—伊朗纳米技术国际交流与对接会 2017上海国际纳米材料技术展
My memories of Firouz Kuh go back to 1974, when I, a 13-year old boy
Following the epic turnout for the 12th Presidential election and the 5th Islamic city council election, Ayatollah Khamenei—the Leader of the Islamic Revolution—issued a message, wherein His Eminence expressed gratitude towards the Iranian people and made a few important points. The following is the full text of that message:
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